Stocking Distributor

Shapes is the stocking distributor of choice for extruded aluminum fence products, as well as window screen extrusions.

Our large inventory ensures that we can provide customers with the products they need when they need it. At Shapes it’s in stock.

Competitive Pricing

As a wholesale dealer we purchase our inventory in large volumes from diversified sources ensuring we can provide competitive pricing to our customers.


With over 30,000 SKU’s in stock, Shapes can typically confirm your order and shipping date within 24 hours. 


Shapes logistics capabilities will usually deliver your order within 3-5 business days

Custom Stocking Programs

We offer custom stocking programs for customers who want guaranteed stock to meet long term and short-term needs. With a stocking agreement in place, Shapes guarantees that we will have their inventory in our warehouse for a specified period of time, so the customer can be assured of immediate availability .

Contact a Shapes customer service representative to find out how we can help with your stocking program needs.